August 11, 2011 Chris Saenz

X Games: Rally Cars are loud for 2 year olds

We spent Thursday and Friday watching the X Games as a family on (no satellite or cable needed, thank you HTPC). Haley was very into them as well as she offered an “Oooh, he got hurt” when Travis Pastrana ate it. By Saturday she was asking “Are we going to watch more ‘broom-brooms’ ” (her word for anything motorized).

Wendy and I have been to some X Games before at the Home Depot Center. This year’s would be held completely around the Staples Center/Nokia Theater area. I had tried to get tickets for the Rally event on Saturday – something about 600hp vehicles tearing up Figueroa Ave. appealed to me – but they were labeled as “Sold Out” on Ticketmaster. We decided to go hang out at The Grove’s farmer’s market in LA and would stop to check out the X Games scene in downtown. We arrived about 20 minutes in to the Rally Cross event and the box office had some tickets available. For less than the price of a movie ticket we got up close to an exciting rally race event. Throw in some free stuff given away like smoothies, beef jerky, and funny hats, and you have yourself a great value.

Haley showing the X

Haley, however, preferred to watch the races on TV. The rally cars aren’t really too loud, but their revved up engines when staging made violent fire-cracker-like noises that disturbed her to the point of tears. That’s why in the video below she says she prefers the “little cars” (those being the Radio-Controlled cars that folks were playing with in the X Games festival).

So we were only there for like an hour and a half but we got to take in the X Games scene and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Enjoy these additional pictures of our family trip to the X Games.
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