September 18, 2012 Chris Saenz

Work and Play – San Francisco 2012

Last month (August), my work sent me up to San Francisco for a large conference about technology, virtualization, and other things that not too many people care about. So, I decided to drag the familia with me so that I wouldn’t be so bored when I wasn’t working. They played while I worked; most of the time.

When we arrived we spend a significant amount of time running around a giant water fountain mural thing near the Embarcadero Center area. Haley got soaked. But that was okay, we were all still in our “jammies” from the 6 hour drive that started at 5am.

Once we settled in, we found the Embarcadero area surprisingly pleasant. We try to show Haley that not all people are bad, not all “strangers are danger”, and that it is good to be around people you don’t know. She actually seems to like busy city areas with lots going on. Trollies and taxis bustling around. She really liked all the street vendors selling crafts and trinkets, asking to stop and look at just about every single one.

It also took us about a day to realize our hotel had this great snack area on top of the hotel that offered a great view of the city.

While looking at the city skyline, Haley noticed a “pointy” building. Later, while walking to Little Italy for some really excellent pizza, she stopped to take a picture with it.

While I was at work, Wendy, Haley, Liana, and Grandma Lori took to the streets (and streetcars) to visit Pier 39 and other landmark locations.

Of course, no trip to San Fran is complete without a visit from Tio Agua. He was our official tour guide, showing us to some excellent late night places to relax and grab dessert, how to properly navigate Chinatown, and eventually led us to the San Francisco Zoo, which was pretty good compare to the LA Zoo where all the animals are either dead or sleeping.

And then it was time to leave. Haley wondered if it would take another “really long time” to get back home. And it did. But who doesn’t like the scenic drive that is Bakersfield?

Check out the rest of our trip:

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