July 15, 2009 Chris Saenz

“The Water Bottle Game”

Rowdy and Haley have initiated a friendly game of keep-away utilizing a water bottle. Don’t let anyone convince you that these two do not get along, because this is not the only time they have played this game, and this is not the only game that they play.

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Chris Saenz Chris is the leader of the Saenz Family. He is husband to Wendy, father to Haley, Liana and Thomas, and occassionally updates this site with some neat stuff.

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  1. Tracy

    That’s a SHAME!! Making my niece play with a water bottle.

    If you needed money to buy her a toy you should of asked!

    But worst it – was that after Rowdy had it in his mouth she put it in her’s!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very cute!

    Love you,

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