April 13, 2012 Chris Saenz

Spring Break: Not Just For Kids

Both Wendy and I were off of work for an entire week. We had a great time with the girls just hanging out as a family, seeing a few good friends, exploring some new places, and relaxing.

Tio Agua Comes to Town

As soon as I was done with work on Friday, Spring Break started off with a bang. DJ (Tio Agua, to Haley) descended from NoCal and I found my self in the middle of East LA’s El Mercadito picking up his corpse at 11pm that night. That was all to set us up for the Laker game Saturday at noon. Kobe didn’t score a single point in the first 3 quarters but scored the game winning 3-pointer with seconds left in the game.

And of course, what is a trip to LA without grabbing an LA Hot Dog from the fashion district? It wouldnt be complete.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was a normal Sunday of church and hanging out with some family. However, our church had a small presentation to commemorate Palm Sunday. Haley took part in the presentation as she played the role of a Jewish girl welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem with palm branches and songs of jubilation. I think she liked it.

Irvine Railroad Park

As our week off of work began we were looking for some things to do locally. Wendy found a place called the Irvine Railroad Park located, of course, in the city of Orange.  The place had everything a little one could want: Trains, ponies, hot dogs (okay, that’s what I would want), and more.

Haley enjoyed this place alot. Reminds me of another park that included Ponies, Trains, and other things.

See more picture in the Irvine Railroad Park photo album.

 Palm Springs

Wednesday came around and we had thought of something that we had wanted to do for a while but never got around to it. We remembered that in Palm Springs there was an Aerial Tramway that we had heard was a great experience. So we packed up and headed over to the desert.

We stayed in the city of Indian Wells, which is filled with a bunch of hotels and even more golf courses. It was just hot enough (89 degrees) to go for a swim and enjoy some outdoor activities.

Liana got her first taste of chlorine in what probably felt to her like a giant bathtub. Wendy tried to get Haley on a big waterslide but she wasnt having it. Wendy went alone; she was having fun all by herself.

The day came to ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. We came to the consensus with Haley that they were nothing more than a Trolley that goes to the top of the mountain. That calmed her fears. We should have worked harder on Wendy. She was the most scared of all of us. The ride was seriously one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. There were views that you would only see if you are an avid base-jumper. We were gliding over massive cliffs and tall peaks hundreds of feet tall (again, see video below).

Once on top, it was windy and cold. Too much for Liana to enjoy. So as she and Wendy stayed in the little restaurant, Haley and I braved the elements and explored the park.

There were massive trees, both standing and fallen, nice trails, and plenty to see. Haley wanted to take some walking sticks home (they were nice) but the rules would not allow it.

We made it back down the mountain and were done with the adventure, safe and sound. We were tired from plowing through Palm Springs in a couple of days and were ready to just lounge around Covina once again.

See more pictures in the Palm Springs 2012 photo album.

 Resurrection Day

Saturday and Sunday were the days to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior (holiday so great it took 48 hours!). Saturday was my family’s turn and Sunday was Wendy’s. It worked out great. I even got to take a nap after the early sunrise service on Sunday morning.

See more pictures in the Ressurection Days Photo Album

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