August 7, 2013 Chris Saenz

Going South for the Summer

Most of our family members are natives of California; where Wendy and I were born and raised. However, Wendy’s mom is actually from the east coast and still has family there. Wanting to meet her family and always enjoying the opportunity to see new places, we packed up our bags this past June and headed for South Carolina where some of her family reside.

Haley had been on a plane when she was about 2, but Liana was new to the friendly skies. Despite some of the frustrations of airports – entrusting your personal belongings to strangers, long lines, crowds – I still think they’re pretty fun. Liana enjoyed watching the planes and eating snacks as we waited for our plane.

Once we were there, it wasn’t long before we escaped the humidity with the abundance of water to swim in. The morning after we landed we went to go “look at” the beach. Here we are after hours of the beach and the pool.

We eventually branched out and headed to the boardwalk. The entire area felt very family-friendly with tons of stuff to do. Here’ Liana and Grandpa Danny on one of the piers.

The cousins hanging out at the pier.

The weather also offered a nice change of pace. The evening thunderstorms were fun to watch and to try to catch a picture or two. Here is a picture of the lightning bouncing inside of the clouds and appearing like the sun inside. This was taken at about 9pm.

We eventually made our way back to the beach.

It was very hard to resist.

Liana and I took a walk around the area of Myrtle Beach that we were staying in (Surfside Beach). The scenery was different. It was fairly quiet, relaxed, and green.

Oh, and there was lots of water around us. Here we are at some marshlands called Murrells Inlet.

It had a nice boardwalk that was fun to walk down and offered a great view of the thunderstorm in the distance.

We also spent a day in historic Charleston, SC. Charleston is a city rich with Civil War time history and some remarkable stories. Here we are on Market street receiving a history lesson Charleston-style; via horse and carriage.

Here’s Liana in Price’s Alley in Charleston, SC

The Saenz crew walking the streets of Charleston, SC (the girls were tired and hot)

The Saenz/Fontan crew walking down the streets of Charleston, SC (everyone was tired and hot)

Amidst all the fun, we had a good opportunity to spend alot of time with Lori’s family; a big, fun, and gracious group of folks who made our stay great. Here’s a large portion of us at the Gulfstream Café

After just about 7 days away, we headed back home. Our internal clocks were definitely off with the time change and the late night driving; just like LIana’s doing here at 4am EST.

South Carolina made the east coast that much more appealing. I think one day we’ll do a tour of the entire east coast.

What’s next?…..Atlanta? Gettysburg? Washington D.C.? Williamsburg? Philly? NY?

View all of our pics in the gallery below:

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