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Carlsbad 2013 – Flowers, Tractors, and Balloons

Wendy wanted to revisit the Carlsbad Flower Fields that we had been to before we had Haley or Liana. We thought it would be a low-key way to get out of town for a little while. We ended up packing in a few other low-key, but fun, activities all over Southern California.

Carlsbad Flower Flields

On Firday, April 5th, we went to the Carlsbad Flower Fields, which was the main reason for going to Carlsbad. Wendy says it is one of her favorite places to go; and because she’s recently taken up some serious gardening, I’m sure it was extra fun for her.

The girls liked it too. There were tractor rides, panning-for-gems stations, and since they have taken up gardening along with mom, they probably liked the flowers too. Haley is becoming more and more useful. She was our photographer in the picture below.

The day was relaxing. We went swimming later at the hotel pool. We ate some ice cream. And we called it a day.

Straberry Picking

On Saturday, April 6th, we began our journey. In the morning, we finally found a strawberry field where we could pick our own strawberries. Haley had been wanting to pick strawberries ever since she found out they grow out of the ground.

Everyone got into the festivities and embraced our inner field laborer.

Antique Tractor and Engine Museum

After the strawberry festivities, we found this run down museum in the city of Vista, which was a little out of the way. The Antique Tractor and Engine Museum was basically a wide open field with a few old buildings (like a barn, a sewing mill, a blacksmith house, and a stage for some bluegrass music) and several hundred vehicles and engines scattered everywhere. From tractors to harvesters to Model-As, they had a variety of things to jump on and climg on. Like old wagons….


And harvesting machines that are barely recognizable….

The museum was pretty awesome, and surprisingly, the girls liked this place too.

Mission San Juan Capistrano

The home included a stop at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Going through a church history class recently, it peaked my interest as we passed by this mission city on the way home.

There is a good chance that no one enjoyed this place more than me, but we learned some history and  enjoyed the sites

The Balloon at the Great Park of Orange County

Finally, we made one more stop on the way home. I had seen it before, but the former El Toro airbase, now called the Great Park of Orange County, has a balloon ride that takes you and a couple dozen others a few hundred feet in the air. It seemed like a safe way to ride the friendly skies. We had some time to kill before we took flight, and they had plenty of other things to do at the Great Park. But it stared at us the whole time.

And there was plenty of space to run around….

But finally, we went up. Wendy was too scared and stayed grounded. But Haley, Liana, and I enjoyed a tame ride floating in the air for a few minutes. The sun set in the distance during our ride and the sun had set on our trip to the Carlsbad and back. We called it a night and head on home.

Enjoy some more pics of the rest of our trip.

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