October 2, 2013 Chris Saenz

Blast Off

I’ve mentioned before that Haley has been into space lately. So, for her birthday, she received a model rocket. Yesterday was launch day, and even though Haley was afraid to push the launch button, the “Lil’ Moon” (she named the rocket) blasted off.

The launch took place at Santa Fe Dam. They have a large area for RC airplanes and model rockets. It was a great place for Haley and Liana to run a round and throw rocks at all the dirt and bushes. We all had just as much fun off-roading, throwing rocks, and chasing the rocket as it landed as we did launching the thing.

When it came to launch time, the girls were a little afraid of the rocket, so they stood about 30 feet away. I think they thought it would sound like a firework. Liana was literally trembling after it launched.

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