May 2, 2015 Chris Saenz

Whales and Warships – San Diego 2015

We had a busy Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday, so our planned trip to San Diego to cash in on Sea Worlds free admission for teachers and their families offer was a welcomed relief.


We made our way to Sea World on Monday morning. The place was pretty busy; I guess everyone else had the same idea as us. Haley was a seasoned veteran of Sea World and Liana was much too small to remember anything when she was last there. The Dolphins that you could get close to both intrigued and scared Liana a bit.

Thomas was a little too small to enjoy most everything related to the sea animals on display. However, he did like climbing the ropes.


And, of course, the Shamu-shaped cookie…


He watched, and watched…


And then, went for the bite…


He was content…


We got a good look at a Polar Bear


And some dolphins


We had a good start to our vacation at Sea World. We headed for the hotel – one of the kids joys of vacations for their wondrous check-in areas and free elevator rides; and us parents love it for being a place the kids can have fun without having things they ought not get into.


This was Haley’s improvised bed. Couple of chairs and pillows. I like it.


We lounged around for a while.


And then it was time to go for a swim. The girls are pretty early risers, so our swimming began around 8:30am. Some of us would just rather sleep…


Like any good trip to San Diego should, ours included a stop at Old Town. Yes, we’ve been here a hundred times before, but there’s something for everyone: Mexican food, candy, root beer, toys, etc.

Here’s Liana at the old Printing Press


Lastly, seeing as our family now has two strapping young fellas, I thought it would be a good time to introduce Thomas to the world of military aviation. The USS Midway Museum was a great place to start his interest in things that are fast and loud.

Here we are directing traffic on the flight deck of the carrier.


Afterwards, we needed to see some birds in action. So just like my dad did with us on several occasions, we ate dinner on the roof of the car watching the San Diego airport’s traffic.

Haley is cheering the arriving planes for a well done landing job.


Well, that was it. A few days to get out of the daily routines and replace them with lounging, eating, exploring, not going to work.

Enjoy all the pictures of our time in San Diego below:

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