October 28, 2009 Chris Saenz

Seattle 2009 Part I

As some of you know, Chris, Wendy, and Haley took a trip up north, way up north, to the state of Washington and stayed in the city of Seattle. They wandered the streets and saw the sites of the “Emerald City” for four days; just enough time to start missing home. Among the sites they visited:

They also did regular stuff:

  • Played video games at GameWorks
  • Ate dessert from Cheesecake Factory
  • Took many naps!

Here are some images of their trip. Stay tuned for Part II. Enjoy!

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Chris Saenz Chris is the leader of the Saenz Family. He is husband to Wendy, father to Haley, Liana and Thomas, and occassionally updates this site with some neat stuff.

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  1. VZ

    Awesome trip Sx3, is THAT IT? Michael jacksons, is it really it? but when I ask if its it, is it really it? just messing. looked like a lot of fun. glad y’all had a good time and took many naps.

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