“I’m gonna be two!”

Haley is turning two on Friday. We kicked off her birthday with a Banana Split from Ghiradelli’s. Wendy and I helped her. She actually just liked the sprinkles.



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Chris Saenz Chris is the leader of the Saenz Family. He is husband to Wendy, father to Haley, Liana and Thomas, and occassionally updates this site with some neat stuff.

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  1. VZ

    thats awesome

    I remember when I was two- training for the salvadorian army. Then my g- dang parents had to bring me to the states. good times

    Enjoy your baby as they grow up so slow- eternal …actually.
    I bet my parents cant wait for get rid of me. anyways im rambling

    Happy birthday Haley with the rock fingers and all- see you tomorrow

    -Grandpa VZ

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