May 25, 2010 Chris Saenz

Griffith Park: Choo-choos, Birdies, and Ponies

Someone had told me a while ago that Griffith Park would be a fun place for Haley. Not really knowing what to expect, we ventured to Griffith Park, where I had previously thought there was an observatory and a whole lot of nothing else. Haley liked everything about the place: Trains, Ponies, etc. I just didn’t like how there wasn’t a single vendor that accepted a credit or debit card. So, thank goodness for ATMs at every gas station.

So I put together this video to show Haley’s adventures. She is very shy sometimes, mostly when she is in new places and meets new people. However, when there are trains and ponies involved, she gets very excited.

Later on we went to some tree-hugger cafe where a bunch of hippies congregated. It was called The Trails and it was in Griffith Park. Decent food.


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