December 18, 2012 Chris Saenz

Don’t Mess With Texas – Dallas 2012

Wendy and I had agreed that on our 5th anniversary we would go to Italy. However, 1 month old babies are kind of prohibitive to intercontinental travel (sorry Liana). So for our 6th anniversary we traveled to the Lone Star state to watch America’s Team  at home in their $1.5 billion behemoth of a stadium. Most of our trip was centered around the ‘Boys and their overtime victory over the Browns, but also included a tour of the stadium, a visit to the JFK memorial site, and a few great meals.

We showed up and were immediately greeted by the presence of the Cowboys. Even the guy at the car rental place was wearing a Dez jersey.

We were also unused to being able to stay out at night. We headed into downtown Dallas where, besides a few nice Christmas decoration, not much was going. We found some grubbing Lasagna at 11pm and were done for the night.

As we approached the stadium Sunday morning, the scene was unreal. From miles away, Cowboys fans poured unto the streets  – mostly to avoid the $75 parking costs at the stadium. We were surrounded by Silver and Blue. In the distance, the ominous sight of the massive stadium towered in front of us.

We got our money’s worth, as the game went in to OT. We walked out of there with a much needed “W” and made fun of all the Browns fans on the way out (just kidding).

We would take a tour of the stadium the next day. Here I am in front of the beloved Tom Laundry.

We were able to check out the locker rooms, the field, and some of the field level suites. Here’s Wendy chillin’ in the endzone.

Here I am waiting for my number to be called. It was never called.

The Jones Mahal

We had a good meal Monday night and were ready to go back home and back to the girls on Tuesday morning. It was hard being away from them for that long.

Enjoy the rest of our trip below!

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