July 30, 2009 Chris Saenz

Cruisin’ in the “Little FJ”

With summer upon us, even the little one’s have the urge to cruise in style, even if it is only in the house. If anyone is wondering where they obtained that awesome vehicle, don’t check your local Target or Toys ‘R’ Us, ’cause you won’t find it. It’s a Saenz Custom.

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Chris Saenz Chris is the leader of the Saenz Family. He is husband to Wendy, father to Haley, Liana and Thomas, and occassionally updates this site with some neat stuff.

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  1. Ronnie

    That is too cute!! Haley you need to drive your car over to your Tia and Tio’s house. So you can take your cousins Bella & Nicky for a crusie. Love you. P.S. Rowdey you can come over and play too.

  2. Nana

    How cute…How come rowdy was driving and not Haley???? Love the car…Hope to see you soon.

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