Cirque du Soleil

We are capping off our visit to Las Vegas viewing Cirque du Soleil Mystere. None of us have seen this acrobatic freak show, but were exited to enjoy this one of a kind experience.


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Chris Saenz Chris is the leader of the Saenz Family. He is husband to Wendy, father to Haley, Liana and Thomas, and occassionally updates this site with some neat stuff.

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  1. TheWretchedMan

    Yo what’s up Saenz Fam. Hey this is a very rare photo of you wearing a tie, and to a circus, i’m very impressed and surprised. Not bad chacho, hmmmm, was Haley allowed into this place? and is this a show that kids can watch? I’ve been thinking about catching a ride to this circus to check it out. Any thoughts on how good this is?

    • Yo Wretch, I got suited and booted for this gig (that means “I got all dressed up for the show”). Trying to look nice while in Vegas. And about the show, it was a great spectacle. Not only were the acrobatics down-right crazy, but the soundtrack was awesome too; all done by live musicians. Add to that the trippy-factor of wierd characters and you got your self a 2-hour show worth watching. Oh, and we went without Haley. She probably would have liked it.

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