November 27, 2010 Chris Saenz

Chicago 2010

CHRIS – Wendy and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this month. We made the tough decision to leave Haley with the grandparents for a few days and take a trip to Chicago.

Wendy had been to Chicago before on multiple occasions, but I had not. Growing up watching Backdraft at least once a week made me very interested in going to the United State’s third most populous city.

We left LA on Wednesday and would reach O’ Hare International Airport around 10pm Central time. Just in time to catch all the rift-raft taking the subway into downtown. I personally like subways and the interesting people (and entertainment) you find down there.

We spent the better part of our time in Chicago walking the city. We blanketed Michigan Ave. multiple times, walked through some of the scenic areas like Millenium Park and down the Chicago River, hit the touristy spots like the Willis Tower (you know, the Sears Tower), and some local favorites, like Gino’s East Pizzeria. Enjoy some of our moments in Chicago captured on film (figurative film, not literally film. Who uses film anymore?)

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